2 September 2019

We regret to inform you that the court of The Hague has declared Stichting Femconsult bankrupt on 6th August 2019.

All assets and ongoing activities have been sold to Fair & Sustainable Consulting B.V., a social enterprise and consultancy company in the Netherlands with the mission to assist people in developing countries to earn a decent income and have sustainable livelihoods. Fair & Sustainable Consulting has been a prominent consultancy company on gender issues in developing countries and has the ambition to continue the services of Femconsult in the years to come.

The assets that were handed over on 23rd August 2019 to Fair & Sustainable Consulting include: the debtors, work to be invoiced, all ongoing contracts, the trade name and goodwill of Femconsult. Fair & Sustainable Consulting will not be liable for any work carried out before the date of bankruptcy, nor will Fair & Sustainable be liable to pay for any services carried out by Femconsult before 6 August 2019.

Fair & Sustainable intends to carry out the contracted work as it was agreed in the contracts and will approach the relations and clients individually on how this can best be arranged. If you have any questions you can contact Fair & Sustainable by e-mail ( or phone (+31 30 234 8281).