Femconsult is continuously looking to expand its pool of gender experts with the following qualifications:

Education/ training
• Advanced degree in socio-economics or associated fields (education, humanitarian studies, gender studies, international relations, international law, women’s or children’s rights etc.)

Professional Experience
• A minimum of 5 years combining gender and development cooperation in design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of interventions in Africa, Asia or Latin America;
• Demonstrable knowledge of gender issues and their relevance in socio-economic development project/programmes;
• Promoting gender equality/equity and or gender mainstreaming;
• Knowledge of one or more of the following fields would be an asset: gender-based violence issues; ownership rights of women; promotion of women in the labour market; or promotion of women’s participation in official decision making bodies;
• Gender budgeting
• Excellent analytical skills;
• Strong and effective oral and written communication skills;
• Ability to work in a diverse, multi-cultural setting with sensitivity to the local context.

Fluency in English, and/or French/Spanish/Portuguese

Femconsult is particularly looking for experts with experience in gender budgeting. We are involved in several opportunities that aim to promote gender sensitive budgets. These are not separate budgets for women, or budgets which spend the same amount on women and men, but budgets that recognise the different situation and needs of women and men and aim to promote gender equality.

Should you be interested and match the requirements above please send your CV to: gender@femconsult.org