EC Gender Facility II

EC Gender Facility II

The Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) aims to address security and political challenges, to respond immediately to crisis situations in third countries world-wide, to build capacity for conflict prevention, peace-building and crisis preparedness and to address global and trans-regional threats with a security or stability dimension. The objective of this Gender Facility II is to enhance IcSP projects effectiveness by strengthening IcSP staff capacities to take up and apply of gender-sensitive approaches in project design and implementation.


Femconsult provides one senior gender expert, of the team of 3 in total. The following services are delivered:


  • Gender-sensitivity thematic guidance notes: Guidance notes are developed to explain how gender-sensitivity applies to different thematic areas of particular relevance to IcSP, e.g. police reform, transitional justice, dialogue & mediation, preventing violent extremism.
  • Regional teams training on gender-sensitivity and mainstreaming: Training on gender-sensitivity and its mainstreaming.
  • Coaching on gender-mainstreaming: Following the gender-sensitivity and mainstreaming training, a pilot coaching method will be provided that support gender-mainstreaming from project identification and formulation, through to implementation (including M&E).
  • Ad-hoc support to gender-mainstreaming: provision of ad hoc gender-mainstreaming support such as screening of project documents, baseline studies, development of gender-specific indicators, and/or specific training/coaching (when relevant).