Report on Effectiveness of SDCs Engagement in the field of Gender Equality

Report on Effectiveness of SDCs Engagement in the field of Gender Equality
Netherlands, Switzerland

During this study, Femconsult will assess the effectiveness of SDC’s engagement in gender equality and to highlight areas of success or in need of improvement. The RE on Gender Equality shall account for effects induced and concrete qualitative and quantitative results achieved by the bilateral, multilateral and institutional engagements of SDC with clear aims targeting gender equality. The conclusions of this RE should enable SDC to reflect on successes and challenges in mainstreaming gender equality in view of further improving the effectiveness of SDC’s work and instruments in relation to gender equality and women’s empowerment.


Femconsult has composed a team of gender experts, including two in-house staff members, who will carry out this assessment of SDC’s engagement in gender. The team will look into a number of selected engagements of SDC with gender as principal goal, with gender equality as a significant (transversal) theme and on policy dialogues. These engagements will be selected from SDC’s database following agreed upon criteria in order to ensure representation of SDC’s project portfolio. Data collection, including assessment of projects, conducting in-depth interviews and survey(s), will be undertaken followed by the analysis of data, triangulation and writing up the Technical Report. Ultimately also a Public Report, reflecting the results, challenges and the way forward for SDC, will be published to inform the Swiss parliament and public. The assignment will be carried out between May 2017 – June 2018.